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Connect to Wireless Network, Go Directly to Jail?

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a man was arrested for connecting to someone else's wireless home network. You can read about it here! He was charged with unauthorized access to a computer network. Protect your network!
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Remember we not only repair busness computer workstations that you use when you sit at your desk but also the laptops and tablets required to access your work too! If you have a hardware failure, screen damage or a possible malware or virus infection, we can fix that! Also...

Protect your business, or home 24/7! We have been successfully installing the latest technology in CCTV cameras. Through a Digital Video Recorder System, we can provide secure access to any of the installed cameras over the Internet! The cameras can be viewed anywhere you have Internet access! Ask us how we can protect your business and/or family using this technology.

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Activenets Computer Alliance now offers phone service (VoIP) over the Internet! Combining your business phone service and your high speed Internet connection is a tremendous savings. Some of our customers report savings of $200 or more per month. Ask us about savings for your business!
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Local high speed point-to-point wireless Internet is available. Ask us if your area can use this type of Internet connectivity.