Network Integration
Linksys Network Switch
PCI Network Adapter

Share Your High-Speed Internet Connection Throughout Your Home or Office. 100/1000 Switches boost your network performance, providing you with the easiest and most versatile network communication. Designed to target the needs of small and medium businesses and SOHO networks, our new switches give you the best value for your networking dollar. They autosense full and half duplex transfer modes, allowing your network to run speeds of 100Mbps and 1000Mbps!


Eliminating data bottlenecks to increase network efficiency, the switch surges every port with dedicated bandwidth and its auto-partitioned ports shield your PCs from downed network lines. If you want to run high-end graphics, multimedia and other speed-intensive applications at blazing speeds, there’s no better solution for your networking dollar than a high speed switch.

Network Patch Panel

Once your computers are connected to the Internet through the Router, they can communicate with each other too, sharing resources and files. All your computers can print on a shared printer connected anywhere in the office. And you can share all kinds of files between computers -- music, digital pictures, and other documents. Keep all your digital music on one computer, and listen to it anywhere. Organize all of your digital pictures in one place, to simplify finding the ones you want, and ease backup to CD-R. Utilize extra free space on one computer when another's hard drive starts to fill up.

An investment in network technology is a great value. A basic 4-port wireless router is as inexpensive as $49.00. We carry Sonicwall, Linksys and other brands of hardware in stand-alone and rackmount configurations. Ask us for a quote on any size project you may have.